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Savings & control of all your SaaS spending

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Managing SaaS subscriptions is a complex and time-consuming task for businesses.

With an overwhelming number of software options and vendors, companies often struggle with cost inefficiencies, underuse of licenses, and operational challenges.

Let's dive in.

Imagine this

  • As the end of the year comes, you give yourself some time to look at your company spending and see where you could reduce costs.
  • You realize they have been increasing even though you restructured the company and had several layoffs.
  • As you go deeper into the financials, you see that software subscriptions are one of the biggest expenses.
  • Trying to find more information about all the software your employees use, you find that the team manages it in Excel.
  • You take the responsibility to cut costs and use Kunzapp, a platform that can manage your employees’ SaaS usage and reduce costs.

Explain it like I'm five

Kunzapp is a platform for managing and monitoring companies’ SaaS usage and spending.

  • They offer a marketplace with lower prices on software subscriptions.
  • To identify and reduce costs, businesses can track employee software usage with real-time analytics.
Founders aim to simplify software management for companies, reducing the workload for CFOs and CTOs.

The ABCs

  • Industries: Software, marketplace
  • Headquarters: Santiago, Chile & Mexico City, Mexico
  • Year Operations Started: 2023
  • Team Size: 11
  • Raised: 850K (Seed)
  • Investors: Platanus Ventures, FEN Ventures, Daedalus Ventures, 99 Startups, H20 & Angel investors
  • Business Model: Software as a Service (SaaS) + marketplace

Other players:

Background check

What we like:

  • Problem: In 2022, global organizations utilized an average of 130 SaaS applications, compared to 8 in 2015. The demand for software management spending is growing quickly.
  • Market: Most companies use software to manage and streamline their operations. Their ideal clients are businesses with over +100 employees, but they can work with all types of companies regardless of size or location.
  • Pricing: An advantage of Kunzapp is its flexibility in pricing. Depending on the client, they can tailor their offering to match their unique profile, providing a personalized and adaptable approach.
  • Savings: They help businesses renegotiate their contracts with SaaS providers, which the founders claim could lead to savings of up to 20% on current software expenses, making a very attractive offer for new clients.


  • User Education: Many companies may not be aware of the need for Kunzapp offerings. Therefore, Kunzapp's primary focus is on educating potential clients. They must demonstrate the challenges companies encounter concerning their software spending and usage.
  • Retention: Maintaining long-term customer relationships in a competitive market demands continual innovation, exceptional customer service, and consistent value delivery.
  • In-House: While Kunzapp offers a solution, companies can easily assign employees to track software spending and usage manually. Reducing costs of adding more software platforms in their expenses.

The Architects

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Together with Compartamos Banco:

Compartamos Banco is the largest microfinance institution in Mexico. With 33 years of experience, it offers financial services with social value, including group and individual loans, savings, insurance, and payment channels to Mexican entrepreneurs.

It was founded with the purpose of providing opportunities for inclusion and development to people and communities in popular segments. Currently, it supports more than 2.8 million clients, 90% of whom are women who work every day to support their families.

Throughout its history, Compartamos has been a gateway to the formal financial system for more than 14 million people, fostering their dreams and addressing their financial needs with a human touch.

Headlines Corner

  • Hapi, a Peruvian startup, raised US $1.6M to democratize the stock market in LatAm (Contxto).
  • CondoConta, a Brazilian fin-tech startup, raised US $14M in founding (Latamlist).
  • Shein, a fast fashion retailer, partnered with Mexican fin-tech Stori to launch a co-branded credit card (Whitepaper).
  • Radar Fit, a Brazilian health-tech startup, raised US $1M in founding (Crunchbase).

Founders Bookmarks

The best tools and resources we came across this week.

  • Directo is revolutionizing the way businesses connect with their customers with their cutting-edge platform solutions - Whatsapp, ChatBot, SMS, Voice Blaster, and more. For more information, visit
  • Andrew Wilkinson on things that don’t seem to work while building Tiny.
  • Stripe and Shopify are showing live analytics of Black Friday and Cyber Monday performance on their platforms.
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